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Trinity Plumbing offers Directional Boring services

Install water and sewer lines with less mess!


Take a look at our directional boring technique. It can be used for pipelines which needs to be installed under an area that you don't want to disturb. Directional boring can help to preserve your landscape, walkways and driveways.

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directional boring equipment pictureThis is a simple chart of how directional boring is used.

The following is an example of our directional boring services. We are able to replace the customers water line without any damage to their yard.

directional boring example pictureThe Directional Boring Machine is set up for a water line replacement.

directional boring example picture2We only dig a 4'x2' hole and can replace over 100' of pipe!!!

directional boring pictureThere is the small holeĀ  in the garage where the end of the boring rod has hit the target perfectly.

directional boring example pictureAfter completing the bore, we pulled the new pipeline through and reconnected at both ends. We then make all needed repairs to the concrete.

directional boring exampleWe also repair all sod and landscaping to its original form. This is all performed on the same day in most cases.


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