4 Signs Your Commercial Plumbing Needs Repair

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When it comes to the difference between a commercial and residential plumbing system, a commercial plumbing system is usually considered more tough and sturdy than a residential system.

Since the materials used to build a commercial plumbing system are typically a higher-grade of material than what is used in a residential system, they are able to handle a higher amount of usage and sometimes the abuse that the public can put them through.

Although the higher-grade of material initially comes with a higher cost, it also means that your commercial system should provide many more years of reliable service with a lot fewer plumbing issues than what one might see with a residential system.

Unfortunately, as the years pass, even the most well-built commercial systems can start to show signs of wear and eventually you will need to either replace your plumbing system or give it an upgrade.

Below are 4 signs that your commercial plumbing system may be in need of a repair.

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Slow Toilet or Drains

If the water in your toilet or sink is slow to drain, it usually means that there is some type of clog occurring along the drain pipes. If it is just one toilet or one sink, then you may find that it is just a smaller clog around the drain opening.

If you find that several plumbing fixtures in the building are affected, however, it could mean that there is a clog further down the drain pipe. Whether it is a big clog or a small one, a professional plumber has the tools to remove the clog and can also inspect the drain line to look for other potential blockages.

Water Stains

While water stains on ceiling tiles are often an indication of a roof leak or overflowing drain pan from your air conditioner, a water stain on a wall or underneath a plumbing pipe often indicates that you’ve got a water leak. This usually means that you will need a pipe replacement sooner than later before the leak gets any bigger.

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Brown or Yellow Water Color

It’s really not uncommon to see brown or yellow tinted water when a plumbing system gets really old. This is often a sign that the pipes are decaying and corrosion is setting in.

When you see this type of discoloration and it doesn’t go away (occasionally water may turn a reddish brown for a short period of time if the county water system is busy repairing a major pipeline) it most likely indicates that a pipe replacement is due fairly soon.

Constant Drips

A constant drip from a faucet is usually a sign that a part of the fixture has worn out and needs replacement. This may seem like a minor thing when it happens, but if left unchecked, it can lead to an increase in your water bill. If you have a large commercial building and have several leaky faucets, that could really up your water bill cost each month.

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