Does 811 Dig Locate everything? Do I need a private utility locator?

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The Situtation:

We got a call from a neighbor of mine. He’s getting ready to put in a fence. He knew he had to locate the underground utilities before he started digging the fence posts.

What 811 Dig locates:

He called 811 Dig for his utilities to be located. They located:

  • the water line along the road to the water meter
  • the power line all the way up to the house
  • the gas line all the way to the house

What 811 Dig does NOT locate:

BUT they do NOT locate:

  • the water main from the meter to the house
  • they did not locate the sewer line from the road to the house

These 2 lines are vital, and he did NOT want to drive a fence post through the pipes. So, he asked me to locate the lines running through his yard, so he could “avoid digging a fence post through the water and sewer lines”.

Call 811 Dig AND your local plumber

As a plumber, we’re able to use our sewer camera to follow exactly the path the sewer line goes from the street to the house. And we’re able to use a transmitter to energize the water line to follow the path exactly where it goes from street to house. We marked it with paint in his yard and he was able to dig his posts without fear of causing a major plumbing issue.

Tip: call your plumber before you dig!

Contact Trinity Plumbing to locate the water and sewer lines in your yard (running from meter to house).

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