Plumbing problem underground? Directional Boring can preserve your property.

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1 minute video on directional boring

When there is a plumbing problem underground, you can dig a trench to take out the damaged pipes and replace them with new ones. BUT digging up your garden and breaking through your driveway or pavement can be destructive, disruptive, unsightly & costly.


To preserve your property, you can use Directional Boring!

What is Directional Boring?

Directional boring is a technique that allows us to perform necessary plumbing repairs or maintenance without trenching through areas you don’t want to disturb.

Bore Under Buildings & Objects

Directional boring is a minimal impact method that works for both residential and commercial properties. It allows us to bore under…..

  • office buildings
  • multi-tenant structures
  • houses
  • driveways & sidewalks
  • large established trees
  • beautiful lawns and landscaping
  • retaining walls, security gates, and fences
  • congested parking lots
  • busy roadways
  • power lines
  • gas lines and other utilities
  • environmentally sensitive areas like waterways & wetlands

Directional Boring Plumbing Services

Do you have an underground plumbing problem but want to avoid damage to your property? Contact Trinity Plumbing, we have extensive experience with directional boring plumbing services and can preserve your property, building, hardscaping, and landscaping. Contact Trinity Plumbing for residential and commercial plumbing.

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