Do I need a kitchen sink strainer?

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Mary from Smyrna, GA writes in with a marital dispute. First I’m thinking, we’re not in that business. Then come to find out, it’s all based around plumbing so I’m sucked back in.

Do I need a kitchen sink strainer to block food from going down the drain?

Here is the situation – She and her husband are arguing about what goes down the kitchen sink and what doesn’t go down the sink…. She keeps putting the strainer over the sink drain BUT her husband keeps pulling the strainer OFF the sink. Food debris and other stuff is going down the drain. They don’t have a garbage disposal, so they asked me what could & could NOT be put down the drain?

You want to minimize debris going down your drain

Of course, I politely declined getting in the middle of this mix… – but for you guys, I can tell you that you do NOT want to put anything down the drain other than:

  • water
  • soap
  • things smaller than you can pick up

Put Food & Other Debris Into Trash Can

Like for instance, if you have a plate full of spaghetti sauce with meat and other stuff in it, you’ll want to scrape all of it into the trash can. And then whatever residue can’t be scraped off with a knife or fork into the trash, that can go into your sink to be rinsed.

Use a Sink Strainer

After you scrape food into trash, you’ll then want to try and catch any tiny particles with a sink strainer. When you rinse, the strainer will collect those bits (which you’ll also throw into the trash can).

Do you have a garbage disposal?

If you’ve got a garbage disposal, after you scrap your plate into the trash can, that small amount of stuff left on the plate can go into the garbage disposal. It will grind it up and send it down. (For more information on what can go into your garbage disposal, check out these blog posts:

If you don’t have a garbage disposal, but would like one installed, contact Trinity Plumbing. We install garbage disposals for residential and commercial usage.

Do you have a Sink Strainer?

If you don’t have a garbage disposal, you need a kitchen sink strainer. You can buy one from your local big box store or order one online from Amazon.

“So, do I need a kitchen sink strainer?”

Yes, you need a strainer for your kitchen sink.

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