9 Ways to Protect Your Plumbing in Winter (plus 8 frequently asked questions about frozen pipes)

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Winter can be hard on plumbing – especially when temperatures drop below freezing. Even though winters are milder in Georgia than in most other parts of the US, we still experience cold snaps and the occasional deep freeze. Don’t be caught off guard – frozen water and sewer pipes are not only inconvenient, they can be costly.

How can you protect pipes from freezing?

As temperatures plummet, chances increase that pipes can freeze. Thankfully you can lower the risk of your pipes freezing by taking precautions to winterize your plumbing.

9 Ways to Protect Your Plumbing in Winter:

  1. open your kitchen and bathroom cabinets that have pipes – the warm air from the room will help keep pipes from freezing (Caution: if you have children or pets – REMOVE any dangerous items and place them out of reach)
  2. disconnect garden hoses from all outdoor spigots
  3. protect outside spigots by closing the cut-off valve and draining the faucet, cover faucet with foam insulation if there is no cut-off valve
  4. drain water from lines that are prone to freezing – like supply lines to swimming pools and sprinklers
  5. insulate vulnerable areas – such as attics, basements, and crawlspaces
  6. insulate around crawl space doors and close vents
  7. garage doors should be kept closed
  8. don’t let thermostat get below 55 degrees Fahrenheit
  9. open faucets to allow a trickle of running water on the coldest nights- moving water takes longer to freeze than standing water

Note: Insulation slows the transfer of heat, but it doesn’t prevent pipes from freezing.

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Pro Tip:​

Know the location of your water main and how to shut it off. It's like learning to change a tire - hope you never have to do it, but glad you know how when the time comes.

Plumbing FAQs for about section on Trinity Plumbing in Dallas GA and Atlanta

Pro Tip:​

During your annual plumbing inspection & maintenance, ask your plumber to insulate any vulnerable pipes. If there are areas of pipe that freeze regularly, your plumber can reroute lines to help prevent refreezing. Want to take precautionary measures before winter hits? Call us to schedule an inspection.

8 Frequently Asked Questions About Frozen Pipes:

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