Help, My Bathroom Sink is Draining Slow

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Bruce from Smyrna, GA called us. He had a bathroom sink that was draining slowly. He’s got beard shavings and a bunch of goop from soap & toothpaste. (We all know how that gets to be.) His wife also has long hair. And every time she would blow dry her hair, the hair ends up in the sink and down the drain.

Unfortunately for this client, we had to go out their because he waited until the drain was entirely clogged. We had to disassemble a bunch of piping under the cabinet, and do some snaking to clear it up. We also had to replace part of his drain assembly because it had corroded and started to leak. We suggest to remedy that when you first notice the sink is starting to drain slower.

How to test to check if your sink is draining slowly:

If you turn on your faucet at full strength, hot and cold, and the drain can’t keep up with the water level, then it’s time for a plumber to come take a look.

Save time & money:

It might be worth having the plumber take a look at multiple drains on the same visit, so you might only need them to come every couple of years. If you wait until the drain starts backing up, and you can’t run the faucet at full strength, quite often that residue inside the pipe starts to deteriorate the piping and you end up spending more in the long run.

Is your bathroom sink draining slow?

If you start to hear your sink drain bubbling or see it start to back up a little while you brush your teeth, be sure to give us a call.

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