How do I prevent pipes from freezing in the winter

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video watch time: 1 min 11 secs – transcribed below…

Here’s the Situation…

Joann from Dallas, GA contacted us with basically an icicle coming from a pipe under the crawl space of the house. When we got out there we realized that the crawl space wasn’t sealed off very well and very susceptible to the outside temperatures. And what had happen was the pipe had froze & burst and created a big old icicle coming out of the pipe.

To prevent pipes from freezing we recommend insulating your pipes

We were able to obviously fix the piping, and we were able to suggest pipe insulation. We actually insulated the exterior wall of pipe – wrapped the pipe itself with an insulating product.

Always insulate pipes in areas that are not climate controlled

Always insulate piping that are in colder spaces – attics, basements, anywhere that is not climate controlled is susceptible to freezing.

Also, winterize outdoor buildings and kitchens

Exterior piping, if you’ve got a stand pipe in the yard or warehouse shop (or something like that) that has exterior piping, then it is vulnerable to freezing.

Exterior kitchens is another big one susceptible to pipes freezing. If they have outdoor plumbing then, you want to make sure that stuff gets winterized or insulated in a manner that’s going to prevent it from freezing.

Trinity Tip:

Don’t forget to winterize plumbing pipes to help prevent pipes from freezing & busting.

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Trinity Tip: Know the location of your water main and how to shut it off. It’s like learning to change a tire – hope you never have to do it, but glad you know how when the time comes.

Pro Tip:​

During your annual plumbing inspection & maintenance, ask your plumber to insulate any vulnerable pipes. If there are areas of pipe that freeze regularly, your plumber can reroute lines to help prevent refreezing. Want to take precautionary measures before winter hits? Call us to schedule an inspection.

Trinity Plumbing – Emergency Service & Support

Fingers crossed we have a mild winter here in Georgia. But if temperatures drop below freezing and winter is hard on your pipes, don’t be overwhelmed. We offer 24/7 emergency service and support.

For more information on protecting your pipes in winter, please read our blog post 9 Ways to Protect Your Plumbing in Winter (plus 8 frequently asked questions about frozen pipes).

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