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A Customer Case Study – tools to solve plumbing problems

When it comes to problems in a drain line, clogs caused by root intrusion are one of the most serious types of plumbing issues that you can face. Tree roots generally find a small hole in the pipe they can penetrate and then once they have made it inside, grow quickly into a knotted, tangled ball that fills up the open space in the drain pipe. These roots not only slow the flow of water from running through the drain lines, they also snag toilet paper and waste until eventually, they form a complete blockage.

Meet Sarah B. of Hiram, GA

Hiram resident, Sarah B. first realized something was wrong with her plumbing when she noticed that the water in one of her bathrooms was taking an awfully long time to drain. Before too long, it wasn’t just that it was not draining correctly, raw sewage was actually starting to back up into the bathroom as well.

When this occurs, it usually means that there is a major blockage somewhere that is preventing the drain lines from working correctly. To narrow down where the issue most likely was, we initially started by attempting to find out what areas of the drain line were clogged and what areas were not.

By using the latest tools to solve plumbing problems we discovered that the clog was somewhere in the main line running from the house out to the street. Once we figured out where it was, we were able to access the underground pipe through what is known as a “clean out” and with the use of a sewage snake, we got the raw sewage from the bathroom to go down the drain.

Lights, Camera, Action

A lot of our customers think that once they see that the water is draining down their sink or tub properly again that the problem is solved, however, this is often not the case. While some clogs are a one-time occurrence caused by something like too much toilet paper or flushing items down the toilet that don’t belong, such as feminine products, kitty litter, or even things like paper towels and Q-tips, other times we discover that there is actually something worse going on, so it is always important to troubleshoot.

In Sarah’s case, it turned out to be root intrusion that was coming in through a joint in the piping. Before things got all digital and high-tech, finding the exact location of a root intrusion would have been impossible without digging up an entire section of yard.

Today, we are able to use Cameras and Jetters – tools to solve plumbing problems. Once we got the sewage to go down the drain, we were able to send a camera down into the drain line and take a look around to see what was really going on.

Once we got to the root (pun intended) of the problem, we were able to use a device known as a hydro jetter to clear out the root intrusion and clean the interior of the pipe.

This device is somewhat similar in function to a pressure washer that you might use on your house, only it is much, much more powerful. When using a hydro jetter, we feed the nozzle of it into a drain pipe and then it usually self-propels itself through the pipe with a water pressure of up to 35,000 psi or more. When it encounters a clog, this high-pressure jet stream basically tears through the clog and clears it away.

Hydro jetters are not only good for pulverizing things like roots. They also penetrate and emulsify grease, break up sludge and other debris, and can even cut out the hardened scale that has formed on the interior of the drain pipes.

Since root intrusion is usually an ongoing problem, once we have removed it, we typically continue to monitor the drain pipes for future root growth, so that we can eliminate it before it gets out of hand and becomes a big issue again.

Are Your Drain Pipes Not Draining?

Whether you have a big plumbing problem like Sarah B., or just a small drip from a leaky sink, contact Trinity Plumbing – we use the latest tools to solve plumbing problems quicker.

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