Is the water pressure in your home too high?

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In a previous video we had mentioned water pressure in a house needs to be in between a certain point. Afterwards, we had people asking us “How do we know what the water pressure is in our house?”

How do we know what the water pressure is in our house?

Unfortunately most home builders don’t install any kind of pressure gauge to give you an actual answer to that question. If you don’t have that, you can get a simple pressure gauge from Home Depot or Lowes for $10-$15 bucks. It connects to your garden spigot or to the bottom of your water heater and you can actually test the water pressure of your own house.

A Warning Sign Your Pressure is Too High

First thing in the morning when nobody has used any water for an extended period of time OR when you first get home after being at work all day – if you turn on a faucet and it’s kind of like a surge of water pressure or sounds like you’re opening up a soda bottle for the first time that might have been shook up a little bit (it’s got like a PSSTTtsssssss sound that slows down) that’s likely a sign of your pressure reducing valve having failed and it’s allowing pressure to build up inside the house.

Items Inside Your Home Will Fail at Higher Pressures

The weak points of your home will fail at higher pressures:

  • flexible supply lines
  • toilet parts inside your toilet
  • icemaker lines
  • dishwasher hoses
  • washing machine hoses
  • plumbing fixtures and valves
  • ANYTHING with plastic hosing and piping

Anything over 60 pounds of pressure is subject to failure.

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What’s Your Water Pressure?

The house pressure should stay between 50 and 60 PSI. Being aware of the water pressure inside your house is important! Many appliances are rated for 60 to 70 PSI maximum. If your pressure reducing valve or regulator is faulty and allowing higher street pressure into the house, the weak points of your home will fail.

Remember To Have Your Water Pressure Tested

Avoid plumbing problems and water leaks by checking the water pressure during your routine home maintenance. Are you experiencing warning signs of high pressure or would like your water pressure tested, contact us at 770-480-7687.

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