Is there a way to NEVER run out of hot water?

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Nathan calls us from Acworth, GA – He’s got a house full of teenagers and they’ve been running out of hot water quite often. He asked us what he could do.

How can we never run out of hot water?

We suggested a tankless water heater. (His water heater was already at the 10 to 12 year old mark.)

Tankless Water Heater Provides ENDLESS Hot Water

We were able to offer a tankless water heating solution for him. That tankless water heater will produce hot water until you tell it to stop. He’s got a recirculating system as well so that hot water get’s to the faucet really fast. And then as long as that faucet stays open it’s feeding hot water. It can run several showers at the same time. You can fill up that giant bathtub if you’ve got one. He’s been really happy with it ever since.

No More Cold Showers!

Before this, he would come home and take a lukewarm shower because all the kids had just taken their baths/showers and the wife had laundry going. Nothing worse than coming home and taking a lukewarm shower.

Now he can take ALL the hot showers he wants.

A word of warning about going tankless…

The only issue he’s running into is…Nobody wants to get out of the shower because it never gets cold.

Never run out of hot water again!

So, if you want to take long hot showers, Tankless is the way to go! For endless hot showers, contact Trinity Plumbing. 770-480-7687

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