Prevent Your Washing Machine Hoses from Failing

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We had a customer call from Acworth, Ga. They had a water leak under their washing machine. She asked if there was anything she could have done ahead of time to try to prevent waking up to a puddle of water on the floor under the washing machine.

How often should I check the washer hose?

Periodically, at least once a year, make it a point to visually check all your stationary appliances – like your washing machine, dishwasher, icemaker. Those type of appliances have water lines behind them. And they get pushed up against a wall and nobody thinks about them – UNTIL there’s a leak.

If you make a conscience effort to look behind those fixtures, around them, under cabinets, behind refrigerator at least once a year – It’s a good habit to have.

5 Signs the washer hose needs to be replaced

If you see drips or corrosion, it’s time for replace the hose. A washing machine hose in good condition should not have any:

  • water dripping
  • dry rot
  • cracks
  • corrosion
  • slimy goopy stuff sticking to it

If it looks like anything other than new condition, it’s typically a sign of something wearing out.

1 more indicator that your washing machine hose is failing

If you see black specks or particles in your clothes when you are taking whites or lights out of the washer, that may be an indicator the inside of the washer machine hose is starting to deteriorate.

What’s Your Water Pressure?

Being aware of the water pressure inside your house is also a big factor. Many appliances are rated for 60 to 70 PSI maximum. If your pressure reducing valve or regulator is faulty and allowing higher street pressure into the house, your hoses are some of the places that will fail first.

How often should I replace the washing machine hose?

When is comes to washer machine hoses, it’s recommended to replace them every 5 years. Just about every manufacture of those hoses will state that on the wrapper but nobody ever does it.

So save yourself some time and energy and damage, by keeping an eye on your washer machine hoses and other water hoses in your home.

Don’t want to think about your washer?

That’s ok, we understand that you are busy. So, we offer an annual inspection of your home (as well as other perks) through our Plumb Club. We’ll check and replace any faulty hoses we spot during your annual maintenance plumbing inspection.

If you wake up to a water leak in your home, remember we’re just a phone call away: 770-480-7687.

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