How do you repair a broken pipe under concrete?

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Broken Pipe Under Concrete

We had a customer call us with a pretty unique situation. Recently they had an entire patio built with decorative stained concrete. In the process of doing that, the issue was, they nicked the waterline underneath this concrete driveway and patio. So the customer really didn’t want to damage their brand new driveway with all the decorative stonework.

How do you fix a broken pipe under concrete?

We were able to help them out with directional drilling. So what is that? It allows us to have 2 different points of entry. We started by the water meter where it was just a small hole there and a small hole at the house.

So we were able to tunnel, essentially directional drill, under the driveway and all of the landscaping.

Where does directional boring work?

Places that directional boring & drilling works great for is:

  • under parking lots
  • under pavement
  • under concrete
  • under landscaping
  • under trees
  • residential houses
  • commercial properties

We go UNDER it instead of digging up the whole yard.

Is directional boring cost effective?

This is an immense savings when it comes to a very delicate manicured yard. Not only does it lower your overall, the directional drilling plumbing part may be a little bit more expensive than trenching, but you’re not left with a big dirt pile in the middle of the yard. You’ve got the same landscape that you started with.

Need a directional boring / drilling plumbing company?

If you ever have a broken pipe issue under concrete, or a big problem trying to get under any type of obstruction, directional drilling is the way to go. Contact Trinity Plumbing for commercial & residential directional boring / drilling.

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