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8 Reasons to Replace Toilet with a New Throne

reasons to replace toilet trinity plumbing

Toilets are used, abused, and quite literally sh*# upon. Despite being taken for granted, toilets:

  1. are a vital part of our lives AND
  2. keep us from reverting back to caveman days!

Although often neglected and used frequently, toilets are quite durable and generally last a long time. (The lifespan of a toilet is 50 – 100 years.)  But there are still valid reasons you may want to replace even a working toilet.

8 Reasons to Replace Your Toilet:

Improved Comfort – Right Height

Is your toilet too high or too low? As Goldilocks said, “There’s a toilet height that’s juuuuust right.”

right height toilet standard and comfort trinity plumbing llc

Taller toilets are called “comfort height” toilets. From floor to the seat, these measure 17-19 inches.

Lower (or standard) toilets are what you’ll find in most homes across America. From floor to seat these measure 15 inches.

There are only a few inches between tall and low toilets, but a few inches can make a BIG difference when it comes to comfort. Think about this: Would you buy a pair of shoes 2 – 4 inches too big or too small? Of course you wouldn’t. Just like shoes, size matters when it comes to your toilet.

Standard height lower toilet and comfort height taller toilet

Different people have different comfort levels, but the height of your toilet can be reason enough to replace it.

  Reasons for a Taller Toilet:

  • Taller people – While some people think “but it’s just a toilet”, anyone taller than 6 foot will really appreciate a taller height bowl.
  • Knee and Back Problems – Higher bowl height can be good for people with knee and back issues.
  • Injury / Surgery – People recovering from injury / surgery find taller toilets less painful to use.
  • Elderly and people with mobility problems find it difficult to sit down and stand up from a lower toilet, so having a tall one can make going to the bathroom better for them.
  • Wheelchair usage – The right height toilet makes it easier to transfer to and from the toilet. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the recommended height toilet is 17 to 19- inches.
  • Adults – Most adults find it more comfortable to sit down and stand up from a taller toilet.

  Reasons for Lower Toilet:

  • Kids – Shorter toilets are easier for kids to use.
  • Small in stature Adults – If your feet dangle without touching the floor, your legs can fall asleep due to cut off circulation. A lower toilet solves that issue.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or other digestive problems – Individuals with digestive issues may find a lower toilet more helpful.

While you may not want to replace all your toilets, consider having at least one toilet in your home that’s a different height than the rest.

Bidet Luxury Plumbing Feature Trinity Plumbing

Health & Hygiene

Especially in this time of Covid-19 when germs and viruses have a new meaning in our lives, you want a toilet that’s easy to use while reducing your exposure to germs and bacteria.

For better health and hygiene, here are 2 choices when it comes to replacing your toilet.

Touchless Toilet

Along with numerous other Pandemic Health Guidelines, we have all been told by experts to disinfect common touch points. (Touch Points are areas touched by numerous people throughout the day. This frequent contact provides transmission opportunities for germs and viruses.)

The toilet handle is a common touch point (of germy unwashed hands, ewww). But this touch point can be eliminated entirely!

Touchless technology, which is a common feature in commercial toilets, is now becoming popular in our homes. Seriously, you don’t have to touch any surface to flush your toilet! And when paired with a touchless faucet, your bathroom becomes an even healthier environment.

Not only do touchless toilets promote better health and hygiene, they can increase the value of your home and make your life a little easier.


“If you were walking barefoot in a park or yard and stepped in dog poop, would you only use a couple of napkins to wipe it off? No. You’d probably wash it off with water. And it’s for similar reasons that people worldwide use bidets to clean themselves after using the bathroom.”

Michelle Yan,

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, shortage of toilet paper, and increasing concerns about germs, bidet toilet sales in the US are at an all time high. Besides being more sanitary, using a bidet is less stressful on the environment and can increase the value of your home.

Appearance / Embarrassment

Do guests need instructions on how to flush your toilet? Are you embarrassed by your toilet because it’s so worn out that no amount of cleaning can make it presentable?

It’s time to replace that toilet! Seriously, why haven’t you done it already?! Ok, we get it – you don’t have the time or want to avoid the hassle of installing a new one. Do your future-self a favor and call your plumber. They can quickly and easily replace that toilet.

Pssst: They’ll even haul off the old toilet so you can finally be rid of that embarrassment.

Conserve Water / Environment

Consider replacing your toilet with a low-flow model or a dual flush model. They save water while providing ample flushing power.

Do you have a modern toilet but it needs to be repeatedly flushed in order to make everything go away? You may need to have your toilet serviced or replaced so it will work more efficiently and use less water.

Is your toilet at least 25 years old? Then it’s time to replace it with one that can conserve water and save money on your water bill. Federal guidelines require toilets to use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush. Toilets made before 1980 can use up to 7 gallons of water with each flush, which can have a negative impact on the environment and your wallet.

Constant Repairs

To maintain proper functionality or your toilet, it’s ideal to replace supply lines, fill valves, and flappers every 5 years. If, despite proper maintenance, your toilet needs frequent repairs, you may need to replace the unit with one that’s less troublesome.

When it comes to broken components and leaks, first weigh the price of replacing the toilet with the cost of fixing the items and the inconvenience of a constantly broken toilet.

Cracked Porcelain

The majority of toilets are made of porcelain because it is a non-porous material, easy to clean, and doesn’t discolor over time (like plastics do). While porcelain is a very durable material, it’s not indestructible. Your toilet can crack.

The main reason we see toilets crack is a sudden change in temperature:

  • very hot water being poured into the tank or bowl can cause it to crack
  • freezing water can cause the porcelain to crack, along with the pipes connected to the toilet

Can a cracked toilet be fixed? If the tank part is cracked, it can be fixed in some cases.

However, if the bowl of the toilet is cracked then it should be replaced immediately. This is because the bowl bears the weight of the tank along with the weight of any person using the toilet. If it’s not replaced, a cracked bowl can cause serious injury and water damage.

If there’s enough water damage, the toilet could crash through the floor. That’s a mess you don’t want to deal with!

before bathroom remodel need to replace toilet

Remodeling or Redesign

Home Design sure has come a long way from only 4 options, “Would you like this toilet in white, cream, pink, or green?”

Ok, I am not saying that wanting a new toilet is reason enough to start ripping out walls and completely remodeling the bathroom, but I’m also NOT not saying that. Have you seen some of the amazing features, bells and whistles of modern toilets?!

  • self cleaning – the toilet cleans itself daily and/or on a schedule
  • wifi & Bluetooth enabled – set the ambience by listening to music or keeping up with sports
  • seat warming (and foot warming) – no more cold tushi and feet in the dead of winter
  • motion activated toilet lid – no more arguing about the toilet seat being up or down AND no more falling into the toilet in the middle of the night
  • deodorizes – the toilet will erase your stink. period.

If you are doing a home remodel or redesign, it’s the ideal time to change the toilet. With an abundance of choices, the toilet can actually accentuate the design and appearance of your home.

Buying a Home

Many of our clients ask us to install a new toilet when they’ve bought a house from someone and would just prefer to have an unused toilet.

Ready to replace your toilet? Call Trinity Plumbing

When it comes to toilets, there is now a wide range of choices – you can get a basic standard model all the way to a custom designed wifi equipped solid gold toilet.

While a gold toilet might not be your thing (or ours), we can help you select the right toilet based on your comfort and performance needs, home design, and wish list.

When you’re ready to replace your toilet, whatever the reason, contact Trinity Plumbing for service.

Robert (Master Plumber)

Robert (Master Plumber)

Owner of Trinity Plumbing, LLC
Residential & Commercial Plumbing

Serving: Acworth, Dallas, Kennesaw, Marietta, Smyrna, & surrounding Metro Atlanta areas

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Robert (Master Plumber)

Robert (Master Plumber)

Owner of Trinity Plumbing, LLC
Residential & Commercial Plumbing

Serving: Acworth, Dallas, Kennesaw, Marietta, Smyrna, & surrounding Metro Atlanta areas

Full Bio & All Author Posts