How Do I Replace Water Line to Apartment Complex Without Disrupting Tenants?

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An apartment complex owner in Sandy Plains, GA contacted us with the question: How do I replace water lines to an entire apartment complex without disrupting the tenants?

Replace Water Line to Apartment Complex

Here are the particulars of this commercial plumbing situation: deteriorating water main that fed 26 different buildings – that’s hundreds of feet of galvanized water pipe that needed to be replaced. AND ALL of that pipe was underneath the parking lot.

Directional Drilling

So we used our directional drilling machines and we were able to replace those lateral water lines ahead of time…

We ran the water lines, tunneled under the parking lot, and didn’t have to disturb the hundreds of cars in the parking lot. We also didn’t have to disturb the water flow to the hundreds of residents until all the piping was already ran.

Plumber Directional Boring under objects to lay new pipe Trinity

Minimal Disruptions is a Major Benefit of Directional Boring

So we were able to minimize the downtime and get that pipe replaced with minimal invasiveness:

  • traffic kept flowing
  • cars could still use parking lot
  • tenants could still access buildings
  • water stayed on while we positioned lateral pipe
  • dug only a small access hole – so they didn’t have a whole lot of parking lot (asphalt) to replace

After all the pipes were in position, we turned the water down for a matter of a couple of hours to tie-in both ends of the lateral lines. We had the water back on before many people even noticed it had been off!

Many Benefits of Directional Drilling to repair/replace water & sewer pipes

  • Avoid Hassles – traffic can keep flowing and landscaping doesn’t have to be dug up
  • Save Time – quickly locate and inspect issue by inserting video camera into underground pipe
  • Reduce Costs – trenchless reduces manual labor and eliminates digging up large amount of dirt & concrete/asphalt
  • Long Lasting – repair is structural, strong, and durable
  • Environmentally Friendly – no need to cut down trees or disturb wildlife habitats

Commercial Usage of Directional Boring

If there’s a high traffic area (whether it’s a road or parking lot) and you just can’t shut down the space, we can go under it without disturbing it, in most cases. So, if you have a plumbing issue – where you’ve got lots of people affected by shutting down their water or obstacles in digging/excavating the area – there are trenchless solutions:

Need to repair or replace pipe on your commercial property?

Do you need to replace the sewer or water line to an apartment complex (other commercial property)? Contact Trinity plumbing for trenchless solutions.

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