Should I have my water tested?

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Here’s the Situation – Wanting Healthier Drinking Water

Becky called today. She is trying to get started on a New Year’s resolution to get healthier. The subject came up on water quality. She had been reading alot about people having issues with water quality – what kind of stuff is in there (contaminates, chemicals, chlorine, etc).

Yes, Georgia ranked low in the nation for safe drinking water.

Water Tested

She had asked is we do water testing. We absolutely do water tests. Alot of times if we have a service technician out there he can take a water sample and then we can call or email you the results within a few days.

Chlorine, Chemicals, Contaminates

We’ve got chlorine and other additives that the water company puts in the water to keep bacteria down and keep disease issues down – BUT it takes like heck. (It tastes like pool water sometimes!) You may not be aware that even if you get all your drinking water out of the refrigerator, your body still absorbs alot of chlorine through your skin. You take a hot shower, your pores open up and you’re coating yourself with heavily chlorinated water.

Water Filters

With proper filtration, we can take out the chlorine, chemicals, and contaminates.

Do-it-yourself Water Tests

As a homeowner, there some do-it-yourself water tests. They have their limitations. They provide strips that will give you indications (not very precise), but they may give you early signs and warnings that something might be a bigger issue in your water.

Many kits are available for do-it-yourself tap testing, but it’s not always clear what they test for or how accurate they are. The EPA recommends using a certified lab.

Consumer Reports

Professional Water Tests

If you really want to know a thorough range of what’s in your water and have alot of points checked, then I recommend having a professional water test done.

Spike in Results

If we see some spikes in one type of test or another, then we might take 2 or 3 test samples over the course of several days and compare them from that same source. This allows us to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.

Healthier Drinking Water

Once you know EXACTLY what’s in the water, we can determine what needs to be done. With proper filtration we can take all that out. AND you can have delicious water – it can be a matter of just a health conscious thing like Becky had wanting to make sure that what she is drinking is as clean as she can make it.

Want to have your water tested?

Worried about what chemicals & contaminates are in your drinking water? Contact us to get your water tested. You can have healthy AND delicious water.

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Trinity Tip:

Be certain your water is safe to drink by periodically having it tested.

Once you know what’s in your water, choose a filter that suits your needs.

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