Why does my shower leak when turned off?

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Sally from Hiram, GA gave us a call and she said she was up all night listening to a dripping sound that out of no where just started…


And she could not sleep worth a darn.

So we went out there and come to find out that it was her shower valve not closing all the way. So even when she turned the valve all the way off the water kept…

And hitting the floor of the shower making constant noise.

Of course we were able to fix the dripping shower – YAY!

Plumbing Problems Can Have an Underlying Cause

We also wanted to check the water pressure. Because quite often when a plumbing problem arises, it’s not just one thing. It’s like the Doctor always checks blood pressure, looks in your ears, and everything like that. We do the same thing in plumbing.

We want to make sure if it’s just a warn out part and that was it. OR if there was an underlying cause. In this case there was something causing the dripping.

Water Pressure Too High?!

The water pressure to the house was 100 PSI. Pressure that high can wear out everything faster than it should.

Trinity Trivia: The house pressure should stay between 50 and 60 PSI. Remember to have your water pressure tested.

Many appliances inside your home are rated for 60 to 70 PSI maximum. If your pressure reducing valve or regulator is faulty and allows higher street pressure into the house, it may cause issues with leaking:

We also changed their pressure reducing value. Hopefully that’s in time to where the rest of the shower valves and fixtures didn’t start failing.

Is your showerhead or faucet leaking?

Contact us if your showerhead or other faucets in your home are leaking. While we are at your home, ask us to check your water pressure – doing so may help prevent other issues.

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