Is there something stuck in my toilet?

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We were called to a customer’s home (in Dallas, GA) because they had a clogged toilet. The rest of the house was functioning fine.

We tried talking him through proper plunger technique on the phone before we went out to his house. Quite often we are able to talk folks through simple moves they can do. In this case, it was a little more involved than that.

Something was stuck in the toilet. We had to use a closet auger – a professional plumbing tool used to clean out toilets when a plunger fails.

A child had flushed a small soap bottle and a plunger won’t solve that. So we were able to grab the item with our toilet auger and save the day. We pulled the soap bottle out and got everything flushing properly again.

Are there nicknacks on back of the toilet?

I always recommend not putting a whole lot of nicknacks on the back of the toilet, especially when you have small children. Toilet nicknacks often find their way into the toilet.

Caution: Toys Can Clog Your Toilet

If your kid has all the battleships and stuff for the tub, putting them up when it’s NOT bath time is a good practice; because, sure as heck they’re going to send He-Man swimming when you’re not paying attention and you’re going to end up with a clog.

Trinity Tip:

Save your toilet (and He-Man) by putting away bath toys when not in use.

Trinity Tip:

Remember to remove items from the back of the toilet.

Is your toilet clogged or blocked?

Do you have a clogged or blocked toilet? Contact Trinity Plumbing and we will have it flowing again.

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