How Do I Get Rid of Stinky & Bad Tasting Tap Water?

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A client in Marietta, GA has a condo and when a faucet is turned on, the water smells awful – like rotten eggs (it’s a real heavy sulfur smell). She contacted us wondering “What can it possibly be?!”. So we went out and tested the water and found out there WAS a high level of sulfur content.

According to a report by the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), at high concentrations sulfur water can cause diarrhea and illness.

According to our client, sulfur water can also cause you to NOT want to shower or brush your teeth, due to the horrific smell alone!

How do I fix tap water that smells and tastes bad?!

We were able to use a filtration system tailored specifically for that situation to take that smell out of the water. As the main water line came into the building, we put a filtration system there. That way, every fixture down stream of that is all filtered water. (condo has over 100 home units and 1 system fixed all their tap water)

How often does the unit need maintenance or filter change?

In this case, the water filtration system we installed has a self-regeneration system that prolongs the life of the filter – so nobody has to touch or do anything for it for a few years at a time. It filters around 1 million gallons of tap water before you have to do any kind of maintenance to it.

Does your tap water smell bad or taste bad?

If your tap water smells or tastes bad, consider installing a water filter. No matter if you have a single residential home or apartment with hundreds of units, there’s a filter system for every application.

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