Utility Sinks – a feature in our Luxury Plumbing Series

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Utility sinks can be a major convenience. Laundry rooms, mudrooms, basements and garages are the most common places for utility sinks.

Years ago, utility sinks were used for prewashing clothing stains or hand washing delicates. Now most modern washing machines have pre-wash and hand-wash cycles. SO why would you need a utility sink? To handle dirty jobs you don’t want in your other sinks!

  • bathing pets
  • clean pet items
  • wash oversized pots and pans
  • showering houseplants
  • coloring hair
  • dyeing clothes
  • rinsing art supplies
  • cleaning muddy footwear
  • keeping sportswear & gear under control
  • soaking clothing – Speaking from experience, Georgia red clay is notorious for ruining clothes. So being able to leave something to soak in the sink for several days keeps the washing machine freed up.

One of our clients in Cobb county said, “I’m so glad to have the utility sink in the garage so I don’t have to clean my greasy mechanic hands and grungy tools in the kitchen. Bonus, the wife is happier with me not brining this mess into the house.”

When you’re ready to install a utility sink in your home and need a plumber, simply give us a call 770-480-7687.

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This spotlight on utility sinks is part of our series on Luxury Plumbing Features that enhance your home & increase your resale value.

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