What is Root Intrusion?

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Root intrusion, commonly referred to as root invasion, is the number one cause of major sewer and drainage issues. It is one of the most serious types of damage that your sewer drainage system can face. Until it becomes an issue, however, most homeowners don’t know what root intrusion is or how it can affect their sewer system’s ability to function properly.

What Causes Root Intrusion to Occur?

When a tree is in need of moisture, it will reach out and seek a source of water for its needs. This makes it only natural then that they are often attracted to the limitless supply of water that is typically found in a sewer line.

The roots initially find their way into the sewer lines through small crack, holes, or even the joints or gaps that are in between pipes if they are not secure. Once the roots are inside, they began to reach out as they spread and multiply, working their way through the system at a rapid pace.

As they begin to expand inside the interior of the pipe, the sewer system is no longer able to work properly. Root masses begin to form and clogs start to occur as toilet tissue, grease and other types of debris that normally flow through the sewer system become stuck amongst the roots, causing a blockage.

If these root masses are not removed and their growth impeded, a complete blockage of the sewer system may occur.


How Do You Treat Root Intrusion?

The first step is to stop the roots from getting into the system in the first place. The sooner we can spot seepage or leaks and repair a broken pipe, the better.

For systems that already have an intrusion, Trinity Plumbing uses a state-of-the-art, high-pressure US Jetting® unit known as a hydro jetter. This hydro jetter is like a giant pressure washer for the inside of piping. It has nozzles that rotate 360-degrees as they clean, ensuring that every inch of the inner piping is cleaned.

The best part is that the high-pressured water can cut the roots out of the pipes without damaging the piping.


How Do You Prevent Root Intrusion?

There really isn’t a way to prevent root intrusion from happening. Mother Nature will win every time. The best thing you can do to reduce the risk of a root intrusion is to have your sewer system inspected every couple of years.

Having the pipes inspected for root intrusion every couple of years will allow us to spot problems early and helps to prevent major plumbing issues.

Do You Have a Root Intrusion Problem?

If you have raw sewage backing up in your bathtub or sink, there is a pretty good chance that a root intrusion problem is to blame. Trinity Plumbing can help you locate and fix the problem before it gets worse. Contact Trinity Plumbing today at 770-480-7687.

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