Where should the main water & sewer lines be laid when building a home?

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Mitch (from Hiram, GA) gave us a call. He’s in the middle of building a new home. He had questions about where he should run his Water Main and Sewer Main.

Location for Water & Sewer Lines

When building a new home, you want to optimize the placement and cost of your plumbing. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding where to lay your Water Main & Sewer Main lines from the street to your house…

My main suggestion is that you’ll want to lay the pipe in the path of least resistance.

Laying Drain / Sewer Main

On a drain line, you want to minimize the number of turns; because, every time the pipe makes a turn, it’s more likely to get a blockage.

Laying Water Main

On a water line, you want to make sure it’s as straight a path as possible AND keep it as short as possible.

Avoid Concrete & Retaining Walls

Also, try to keep those pipes from being under a driveway or under a retaining wall.

Keep Away from Trees (even tiny ones)

You also need to remember that when building a house, all the trees may be tiny, but in 10-15 years they could be HUGE. You don’t want your water line under that – it’s going to break. The tree roots will wrap around that pipe and start pulling it all kind of ways.

Building a New Home

Keep these things in mind when building a new home to optimize the placement and cost of your main water & sewer lines.

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