Why Are My Plumbing Pipes Making Noises?

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A client from downtown Atlanta sent us an email and had expressed an issue with some banging noise they’re hearing inside the house. They pinpointed that it happens every time they use a specific plumbing fixture in their basement.

Sewage Pump Banging

In this case, it was a banging noise from a sewage pump that had not had the piping strapped off properly. So every time the pump would cycle it rattled the house like nobody’s business. It would BANG BANG making a whole lot of noise inside the house.

Loose Pipe Straps

Other causes can be water lines – straps and bracing that’s inside the walls starts to loosen up over time. If the house is old, those types of things just wear out.

Water Hammering

Quite often when you first hear that banging noise (we call it water hammer or pipe hammering) we can find ways to resecure those pipes before they start causing friction. Because if the pipe is BANGing and causing friction against the 2×4 (or even against the brace itself) every time the pipe rubs it shifts.

Problems due to Water Hammering

Pipe shifts due to Water Hammering can cause leaks and potentially cause damage to the house, if left ignored. (It’s also quite aggravating to hear that banging in the house all the time! BANG BANG BANG)

Why are my pipes making strange noises?

Want to read more on why your pipes are making strange noises, check out this helpful post which includes common noises your pipes make.

Noises in Your Walls?

If you hear noises in your wall, hopefully they’re not ghosts, if it’s plumbing contact Trinity Plumbing.

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