Directional Boring Services

Why directional boring?

Are you in need of plumbing services, but want to avoid damage to your building, property, landscaping or hardscaping?

Directional boring allows us to perform necessary plumbing repairs or maintenance without excavation.

Our directional boring technique is used to install water and sewer pipelines under areas you don’t want to disturb. We can bore under large established trees, parking lots, swimming pools, sidewalks, slabs, roads, buildings and more.

Residential & Commercial: The Boring process helps preserve your property, landscape, lawn, walkways and driveways.

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7 Common Reasons People Need Directional Boring & Drilling

While there are numerous reasons to want to hire a company that specializes in directional boring, here are the top 7 that we hear on a regular basis:

I have a….”

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How Does Directional Boring Work?

Directional drilling is used to replace sewer and water lines with no damage to your yard:

1. The Directional Boring Machine is set up for sewer or water line replacement and sits on top of the ground.

2. Using trenchless technology, we create a small, 4’x2’ hole on both ends to avoid excavation in the middle of your asphalt parking lot, driveway or walkway.

3. The boring rod progresses to the end target with complete accuracy. After completing the bore, we will pull the new pipeline through and reconnect at both ends.

Where Can Directional Boring Be Used?

Ideal for both homes and businesses. Vehicles and people can come and go with minimal to no interruption. 

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Looking for a Directional Drilling & Boring Company?

Contact Trinity Plumbing. We specialize in Directional Boring & Drilling and other Trenchless Technologies. We guarantee your full satisfaction with the highest degree of customer service.

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